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I’m a housewife by choice and I love it. I also love reading blogs, doing crafts, and wasting large chunks of my life drooling over which Pinterest recipes to try. But in the midst of all that I keep running into the same problem: so many of the big homemaker blogs out there are obnoxiously faith laden. I get that evangelicals believe it’s the women’s job to submit to the man and to maintain the home. But for fuck sake I don’t need a daily devotion with my apple crisp recipe.

I did more and more digging and while I can find homemaking blogs that are devoid of religion I couldn’t find any (that were current or still active) that supported a skeptical lifestyle. I asked around on a few different skeptics forums about the idea of creating one and the feedback was always great. So here we are.

My hope for this blog is two-fold. One, to share recipes, DIY projects, tips and ideas for organizing and cleaning your home, you know, general homemaking stuff. And two, to share resources for navigating the predominately Christian country we live in by creating a safe space to explore life without gods, and (science willing) how to raise freethinking kids.

This site is still a major work in progress. So please bear with me and check back often for more posts and recipes. You can also follow me on Facebook or Instagram so you don’t miss anything. Just click the icons in the sidebar to find and follow me!

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