Fires are raging across Montana, Washington, and Oregon. The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is only beginning to be quantified and the years of rebuilding are just starting. I watch these extreme weather phenomena this year and all I can think about is climate change and what we, as humans, have done to bring this upon ourselves. I wonder and worry about how much worse it’s going to get in the years to come.

This morning I was looking through a collection of photos on Facebook from the fires in Montana. As I flipped through the photos I couldn’t help but notice the comments on the side: “praying for rain,” “praying for the brave firefighters,” “praying, praying, praying.” But are any of them sending donations to help the firefighters? Or to provide resources for the families that have been evacuated? Probably not, they are satisfied in having done their part by praying to an imaginary god, a god who could have prevented this from the beginning if he was really so great and merciful.

But then I saw it, the comment that stopped me in my tracks. “Is to us in view is great sadness, but is lining up to what is biblical about end times and truth they are nearing [sic].” and a following comment “…is absolutely right. It is the end times the bible playing out right before our eyes [sic]. Now is the time we need to turn back to God and get right with him.” Da fuck did I just read?! It’s the end times playing out? Again and again, people are denying the science of climate change. The science that has been proven repeatedly, that 99% of scientist support. But people wave it off as something that couldn’t possibly be true. But these same people can easily and blindly accept that it’s a sign of the end times? That this is the will of an imaginary person from a made up book and it just is what it is.

Click to enlarge and read for yourself.

It seriously boggles my mind that people can simply accept that the natural disasters the US is seeing this summer are just the coming of the end times. Nope, nothing we can do about but pray and make sure we’ve got our ticket to the pearly gates. It makes me sad and angry. This is what makes religion dangerous. Instead of sitting back and accepting it as fate what if they took time to understand the science and to believe in climate change. Heck, they don’t even have to understand it, what if they believed in climate change as blindly as they believed in god? Would they take their Sunday mornings to recycle, bike or carpool more, or any other of a million options to help reduce their carbon footprint? Would we be in this mess if people would just blindly accept and follow scientist instead of fairy tales?

It isn’t end times – it’s climate change. Stop praying and start doing something to make a difference.